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International Conference of Chief Inspectors

Riskom is part of the organizing group behind the International Conference of Chief Inspectors of Explosives.

The CIE Conference aims to provide safety and security benefits to the public and industry by promoting best practice in the field of explosives regulation. The Conference is held approximately annually, to increase knowledge of working practices, technical developments and incidents in the explosives industry; to establish networks for communicating information between members; to encourage the development of a harmonized approach to standards and regulation development; and to enhance the education and transfer of learning about explosives among members.

The Chief Inspectors Conference will be held in conjunction with a meeting of IGUS: the International Group of Experts on the explosion risks of Unstable Substances. IGUS was originally formed as a consultative group for OECD to advise the United Nations Committee of Experts on Transport of Dangerous Goods, a role it still performs though it is no longer associated with OECD. The aim of IGUS is to exchange information on the behaviour of unstable substances, with respect to production, handling, storage and transport. The remit of the Explosives, Propellants and Pyrotechnics (EPP) working group includes: explosive properties, general test methods and thermodynamic ratings, phenomenology of explosions, safety and regulatory aspects related to explosives, pyrotechnics and propellants.



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