Riskom International provides safety advice worldwide on a wide variety of Dangerous Goods issues:
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Cyanide Transport Dangerous Goods Licensing
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Riskom International Pty Ltd - Dangerous Goods Licensing and Safety Advice

Dangerous Goods Licencing and Safety Advice

  • Dangerous goods risk analysis and Site licences (all classes)
  • General advice on safety for Dangerous Goods storage and transport
  • Accident investigation

Riskom is accredited with the Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum to prepare and carry out risk assessments and prepare license applications for all classes of dangerous goods except class 7 (radioactives).

Riskom attends meetings of the United Nations Sub-Committee of Experts on Transport of Dangerous Goods and the Sub-Committee of Experts on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals, as part of the International Confederations of Plastics Packaging Manufacturers (ICPP) and Australian Explosives Industry Safety Committee (AEISC) delegations.

As a consequence, Riskom is aware of the latest developments in the work of these groups and can advise on current an likely future safety developments in the areas of:

  • Packaging;
  • Labelling;
  • Classification;
  • Air and sea transport modal issues.

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