Riskom International provides safety advice worldwide on a wide variety of Dangerous Goods issues:
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About Riskom International

Ken Price has over thirty years experience in international and Australian policy development, safety management and regulation in the area of dangerous goods (chemicals) and explosives safety.

In 2001, after managing the Dangerous Goods Division in the Western Australian Mines Department, Ken left government and set up Riskom International.

Some of the jobs Riskom has done since 2001 include:

  • Advising industry and governments on dangerous goods safety laws;
  • Preparing Dangerous Goods licence applications for all classes of dangerous goods in Western Australia;
  • Lecturing and training in safely transporting and using explosives and dangerous goods,
  • Industry and government seminars on United Nations transport and Globally Harmonized System (GHS) issues;
  • Participating in the meetings of the United Nations Subcommittees of Experts on Transport of Dangerous Goods and the Globally Harmonised System; and
  • Extensive ICMI cyanide transport auditing in Australia, Asia and Africa.

In May 2000 Ken was elected a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.


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